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General Reading List

View of Monastery and Castle Hill from Cassino town.
View of Monastery and Castle Hill from Cassino town
Aerial photograph of the targets in Rome in 1944.  Col Heydon Buchanan US Army.  15th Army Group Intelligence Staff
Aerial photograph of the targets in Rome in 1944.  Colonel Heydon Buchanan US Army.  15th Army Group Intelligence Staff

Reading List for generalist books on the Italian Campaign

Monte Cassino.  The Hardest Fought Battle of World War II.  M Parker
Monte Cassino.  A German View.  R Bohmler
The Battles of Monte Cassino – Then & Now.  J Plowman & P Rowe
The Battles of Monte Cassino.  The Campaign and its Controversies.  G Harper & J Tonkin-Covell
Cassino.  Portrait of a Battle.  F Majdalany
The Battle of Monte Cassino.  F Majdalany
Even the Brave Falter.  ED Smith
The Day of Battle.  R Atkinson
Alexander’s Generals.  G Blaxland
The Italian Campaign 1943-45.  GA Shepperd
Mediterranean Safari.  March 1943 to October 1944.  AP de T Daniell
Indian Armed Forces in World War II.  Campaign in Italy.  Dharm Pal
The Battle for Italy.  WGF Jackson
Rough Road to Rome.  A Foot-Soldier in Sicily and Italy, 1943-44.  D Cole
Return to Cassino.  HL Bond
The Battle for Italy.  WGF Jackson
Neither fear nor hope.  F von Sender und Etterlin
Combat Commander: Autobiography of a Soldier.  E Harmon
They fought at Anzio.  JSD Eisenhower
Wartime Wanderers – a football team at war.  T Purcell and M Gething
Allied Military Administration in Italy 1943-45.  CRS Harris
Through the Hitler Line. Memoirs of an Infantry Chaplain.  LF Wilmot
The Commandos in Action at Salerno. TBL Churchill. Army Quarterly, Vol LI Number 2 Jan 1946
Freyberg:  Churchill’s Salamander.  L Barber and J Tonkin-Covell
Agony at Anzio.  The Allies’ Most Controversial and Bizarre Operation of World War II.  WB Bruer
The Recollections of Rifleman Bowlby.  A Bowlby
No need to worry – memoirs of an army conscript 1941-46.  P Moore
Rome fell today.  R Alderman & G Walton
Slightly out of focus.  R Capa
A guide to the battlefields of Europe Volume 2.  D Chandler
Death in Rome. R Katz 
The Rome Escape Line.  S Derry
The Liberator.  A Kershaw
Blood and Champagne The Life and Times of Robert Capa.  A Kershaw
General Mud.  ELM Burns
Mailed Fist – The 6th Armoured Division at War 1940-1945.  K Ford
Invasion Diary. R Tregaskis
Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War. Volume II,  The Canadians in Italy 1943-1945
Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War.  Italy.  Volume 1.  NC Phillips
Engineers in the Italian Campaign 1943-1945.  DC Bailey
Brave Men.  E Pyle
Commissioned Barges.  The Story of the Landing Craft.  T Blore
Calculated Risk.  MW Clark
Approach to Battle.  F Tuker
Anzio.  L Clark
Major DM (John) Kennedy MC: A Tribute.  R Jocelyn
Circles of Hell.
  E Morris
Something about a Soldier.  C Burteel
Anzio Beachhead.  Diary of a Signaller.  T Roe
The War in Italy 1939-1945.  R Lamb
German Defences in Italy in World War II.  N Short
Whicker’s War.  A Whicker
Tug of War.  The Battle for Italy 1943-45.  D Graham & S Bidwell
Eighth Army.  From the Western Desert to the Alps, 1939-1945.  R Neillands
War on the Ground 1939-1945.  CJ Bruce
Battle for Monte Cassino.  G Forty
Hand of Steel.  R Butler
Oliver Leese.  R Ryder
Mark Clark.  M Blumenson
Crossing the Rapido.  A tragedy of World War II.  D Schultz
War Diaries 1939-1945.  Alanbrook
Settling the Bill.  W Dugdale
Armoured Warfare in the Italian Campaign 1934-1945.  A Tucker-Jones 
Loopy.  An autobiography.  G Kennard
The War North of Rome.  June 1944-May 1945.  TR Broins
The Bombing War.  Richard Overy
The Path to Victory.  The Mediterranean Theater in World War II.  D Porch
They came to a monastery.  The Final Battle.  R Flemington
Hitler’s Mediterranean Gamble.  D Porch
Sideshow War.  The Italian Campaign 1943-1945.  GF Botjer
War in Italy.  Lord Carver
Hitler’s Italian Allies.  MacG Knox
‘My God’ Soldiers.  From Alamein to Vienna.  P Howarth
US Army in World War II.  Mediterranean Theater of Operations.  Salerno to Cassino.  M Blumenson
Eighth Army in Italy 1943-45.  The Long Hard Slog.  R Docherty
And No Birds Sang.  F Mowat
Dogface Soldier.  The life of General Lucian K Truscott Jr.  WA Heefner
War, Wool & Westminster:  The Front Line Memoirs of Sir Paul Bryan.  P Bryan
From Texas to Rome: A General’s Journal.  FL Walker
The Fortress: A diary of Anzio and after.  R Trevelyan
The perilous road to Rome via Tunis.  E Grace
The German Army in the West.  S Westphal
Command Missions.  A Personal Story.  LK Truscott
Major DM (John) Kennedy MC: A tribute.  R Jocelyn
Anzio: An expected fury.  BT Batsford
Anzio, the gamble that failed.  M Blumenson
The Battle of Anzio. TR Fehrenbach
The Race for Rome.D Kurzman
D Day Dodger.  JM Lee Harvey
The sky suspended.  J Bailey
Infantry Brigadier.  H Kippenberger
Trail of Hope.  N Davies
A Doctor of Sorts.  In Peace & War.  VJ Downie
Ever your own, Johnnie, Sicily and Italy, 1943-45.  N Kemp 
Time at War.  N Mosley
The Mirror of Monte Cavallara. R Ward
The Stretcher Bearers. DA Gordon
Allied Fighting Effectiveness in North Africa and Italy, 1942-1945.  AL Hargreaves, PJ Rose and MC Ford
My War is Not Over.  H Shindler and M Patucchi
A Vatican Lifeline ’44.  WC Simpson
Rome Escape Line.  SI Derry
Brute Force.  J Ellis
The Economics of World War II.  M Harrison
The German Army 1933-1945 – Its political and military failure.  M Cooper
Memoirs.  A Kesselring
Inside the Third Reich.  A Speer
The Sharp End.  The fighting man in World War II.  J Ellis
Hitler as a military commander.  J Strawson
Vessel of Sadness.  W Woodruff
To hell and back.  A Murphy
With the Eighth in Italy.  L Melling
Salerno Remembered.  G Curtis
Other Losses.  An investigation into the mass deaths of German prisoners of war after World War 2.  J Bacque
Where Bleed the Many.  G Dunning
The Unwomanly Face of War. S Alexievich
Mussolini and his Generals.  The Armed Forces and Fascist Foreign Policy 1922-1940.  J Gooch
They jumped at midnight.  W Breuer
Stand in the door!  CH Doyle & T Stewart 
Mussolini Warlord.  Failed Dreams of Empire, 1940-1943.  JH Burgwyn
Silver wings & a gold star.
  ED McCall
A Corporal once.  LC Inglesby
At War on the Gothic Line.  C Jennings
Eggs or Anarchy.  W Sitwell
SAS Operation Gall.  R Hann
Peace and War.  W Newby
Albert Kesseling.  PP Battistelli
Broken Images.  J Guest
Love and war in the Apennines.  E Newby
Medical units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy.  JB McKinney
Churchill’s Colonel.  C Barne
Everything worked like cockwork.  The mechanisation of British Regular and Household Cavalry 1918-1942.  R Salmon
History of the Fallschirm Panzerkorps Hermann Goring.  F Kurowski
Mussolini’s War.  J Gooch
With the Eight Army in Italy.  L Melling
War in the Val d’Orcia. I Origo
Mussolini and the British. R Lamb
The Brutal Friendship: Mussolini, Hitler and the Fall of Fascism. FW Deakin
Mussolini’s Italy. M Gallo